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Food Trucks Make Fundraising Easy for Schools

Everyone loves to nosh at food trucks, and food trucks are turning that growing popularity into extra cash for local school districts.   Many food truck operators are willing to participate in school fund-raising events by serving attendees at athletic and after-school events. By donating 10% of their sales, minus tax, to the partner school, […]

Raise Funds for Your School or Charity with a Gourmet Food Truck

Gourmet food trucks can be the answer to your charity’s fund-raising prayers. They are virtually a “turn-key” operation, can be a one-time or ongoing source of revenue and require very little work on the part of the charity. And thanks to their growing popularity, food trucks can attract an even greater turnout for your event. […]

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Showcase Your Latest Product From A Rented Food Truck

Food trucks are great for serving street food and catering parties. They’ve also proven themselves worthy of promoting new products and services. No matter what your business, you can rent a food truck – with or without a kitchen crew – to market your latest and greatest offering, give away samples, create brand awareness or […]

The Reasons You Should Go to Lunch At A Food Truck

Everyone eats lunch. If you’re like most people, you don’t have time to stop what you’re doing at work and race out to a restaurant. Whether you patronize food trucks every day – or only on occasion – you are enjoying great advantages that go beyond delicious food. Here are good reasons to order lunch […]

Technology Boosts The Food Truck

While it’s delicious food that draws hungry customers to food trucks nationwide, technology can take much of the credit for helping to grow the industry. Food trucks use Facebook and Twitter to maintain relationships with their customers. Social media tells customers where the food trucks will be parked each day and informs them of menu […]

Say “Thanks” With A Customer Appreciation Day

Your customers are the backbone of your business. You probably offer the same goods and services as many other businesses, but your customers go to you first because they appreciate your friendly employees, excellent prices or convenient location. How can you show them that you appreciate their patronage? Invite them to a Customer Appreciation Day […]