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Reserve the Perfect Food Truck to Serve Your Movie or TV Crew

Every movie or TV production needs stars, camera operators, hairdressers, wardrobe fitters, gaffers and other crew members. But among the most important contributors to any movie production is the catering team that serves food, follows all union guidelines and makes sure everyone on the set is happy, healthy and ready to work. Unfortunately, many caterers […]

Technology Boosts The Food Truck

While it’s delicious food that draws hungry customers to food trucks nationwide, technology can take much of the credit for helping to grow the industry. Food trucks use Facebook and Twitter to maintain relationships with their customers. Social media tells customers where the food trucks will be parked each day and informs them of menu […]

Never Skip Lunch When A Local Food Truck Is Nearby

At noon every day, most of the world stops for lunch. If you’re a typical American, you rarely have time to stop what you’re doing at work and head for a restaurant. That’s why food trucks are so welcomed in business districts and around office buildings. These rolling bistros bring delicious, healthy food choices directly […]

FOX TV Calls On A Food Truck To Promote Brooklyn Nine-Nine

 When Los Angeles’ FOX TV station wanted to launch its new detective comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it hired a food truck to carry the word to the viewing public. The truck was rented from an LA-area food truck fleet owned by Michael Mikhail. Next, it was covered in a colorful, vinyl wrap that featured photos of […]