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Reserve the Perfect Food Truck to Serve Your Movie or TV Crew

Every movie or TV production needs stars, camera operators, hairdressers, wardrobe fitters, gaffers and other crew members. But among the most important contributors to any movie production is the catering team that serves food, follows all union guidelines and makes sure everyone on the set is happy, healthy and ready to work. Unfortunately, many caterers […]

Treat Your Employees to a Food-Truck-Catered Appreciation Day

You couldn’t run your business without employees. Show them how much you appreciate them with lunch or party catered by a top food truck. Employee appreciation events can boost morale, which in turn can encourage productivity. When the boss recognizes the hard work of employees – and demonstrates that recognition with positive actions – employees […]

Food Truck Promos Are Wrap Stars

Most people think of food trucks as rolling restaurants that serve food to people on the street. But that’s only one thing they can do. Food trucks are being used as promotional tools to showcase new products and services for major brands. Companies that have used food trucks to promote their products include everyone from […]

Food Trucks Star On The Silver Screen

 Food trucks have become a movie and TV set staple. When a movie or television show is being shot, at least one food truck is on hand to serve the hungry crew. And now, food trucks are becoming movie and TV stars in their own right.  Because food trucks a trendy part of America’s modern […]

Six Problems That Cause Food Trucks To Fail

Everyone wants to be successful in their chosen field, and that includes the people who become part of the growing food truck industry. Unfortunately, plenty of would-be food truck operators have left the business because they weren’t properly prepared when they started out. Here are six reasons that food trucks fail. If you want to […]