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Wedding Happenings for 2014: Cocktails, Dessert Bars and Food Trucks

Wedding receptions are becoming more fun, creative and tasty thanks to the latest trends in nuptial celebrations: cocktails, dessert bars and gourmet food truck cuisine.   With a nod toward the romantic age, many brides are turning to the cocktail hour to help kick off an elegant wedding reception. Sophisticated barware is great for serving […]

Casting a Movie? Schedule Your Food Truck First

The No. 1 food truck city is Los Angeles. Hundreds of local food trucks offer top-quality cuisine and many of them are available to serve movie and video studios and production crews, providing the same fresh, delicious foods that they offer customers on the streets. Here are ways to choose the perfect food truck that […]

Top Food Trucks Have Gone Mainstream

Some consumers are puzzled by all the hype about food trucks, but this Number One way to dine today has been eagerly adopted by the young and those who have a youthful attitude. Food truck operators are passionate about delivering quality foods to their followers. While many food truck operators have restaurant and catering experience, […]

Eat Fast And Eat Well, Thanks To Food Truck Fare

People are busier than ever, and few have time for a leisurely restaurant lunch, especially on work days. In the current fast-paced work environment, most employees are expected to eat in nano-seconds and get back to their jobs. In these situations, food trucks become local heroes. There are many advantages to allowing a food truck […]

Technology Boosts The Food Truck

While it’s delicious food that draws hungry customers to food trucks nationwide, technology can take much of the credit for helping to grow the industry. Food trucks use Facebook and Twitter to maintain relationships with their customers. Social media tells customers where the food trucks will be parked each day and informs them of menu […]

Display Your Brand From A Mobile Food Truck

Food trucks are famous for serving lunches, catering wedding receptions and making music festivals into a foodie paradise. And now they are reinventing themselves. Many food truck owners now rent their vehicles to companies, such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Frito-Lay and Rachel Ray’s company, that then decorate them with a slick vinyl covering that features their […]

Why LA Is the Nation’s Leading Food Truck City

Modern-day food trucks appeared in Los Angeles more than a decade ago, serving fabulous cuisine to people on the street and giving young chefs a new way to display their creativity. The food trucks immediately attracted thousands of hungry fans that loved seeing the transformation of the so-called “roach coach” into a quality mobile restaurant […]