Technology Boosts The Food Truck

While it’s delicious food that draws hungry customers to food trucks nationwide, technology can take much of the credit for helping to grow the industry. Food trucks use Facebook and Twitter to maintain relationships with their customers. Social media tells customers where the food trucks will be parked each day and informs them of menu changes.

Mobile Meteor is a company that helps businesses create mobile websites. Some employers block Facebook and Twitter from their employees’ computers. Mobile Meteor provides another way for trucks to talk to customers. Additional online marketing tools, such as directories, review sites, online coupons help promote food trucks.

Thanks to mobile payment systems, operators can easily accept credit card payments using their smartphones. Some rely on Square, a mobile application that let a consumer pay retailers using a mobile phone or by simply saying his or her name. Some food truck operators prefer Square over a traditional POS because it’s simple to use and easy to learn. Starbucks has announced plans to use Square to process the transactions of customers who pay via debit or credit card. Similar technologies are also available.

In addition, food truck operators also rely on tablets and other handheld computing devices to take orders and manage their trucks’ operations.

Everyone on the The Hungry Nomad food truck team loves technology. But our favorite thing to do is to serve Mediterranean-inspired salads, sandwiches and pockets to Southern California foodies. Our Nomad Chicken Sandwich combines a chicken breast, grilled onions, mushrooms and provolone cheese with a proprietary roasted pepper aioli. It’s far better than playing Words with Friends.

In addition to satiating street-side appetites, The Hungry Nomad caters parties, celebrations, business lunches, sporting events, fundraisers, festivals and movie and production shoots. Our experienced catering staffers serve delicious meals and handle all party rentals (tables, chairs, lights, linens, etc.). They can even hire bartenders and wait staff. Call us at 877-NOMAD-10 to discuss your next gala or corporate meeting.

Two other popular food trucks providing gourmet catering services to LA-area customers are Hang 10 Tacos, which is famous for tasty tacos (855-5-Hang-10) and Greenz on Wheelz, a popular source of healthy salads and sandwiches (855-6Greenz).