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The Best Food Trucks In LA Are Also The World’s Best Food Trucks

There’s no question about it. The best food truck in LA are the best anywhere. LA residents and food truck critics agree. Despite what foodies claim in Portland, Austin and NYC, no better food trucks roam the roads than those in the Los Angeles community.

There are so many ways to take advantage of the excellent and innovative menus that LA food trucks offer. This food truck chef creativity was inspired by Roy Choi, who launched his famous Kogi food truck back in 2008. By using social media to keep hungry fans informed of his location and what dishes were on the menu that day, Choi generated a huge following and inspired other clever young chefs to get on board their own food trucks. Today those rolling restaurants have become a staple of the LA eating scene, and they are also becoming the “go to” source for well-priced, yet upscale catering. Forget the buckets of chicken and smoky BBQ grill for a casual backyard party.

Food Truck Catering is a breeze when you hire a gourmet food truck to whip up your party food and serve it with a big smile. A food truck can arrive at your location, create delicious food and amaze your hungry guests. If you want to cut costs, have the food truck operator deliver the piping hot dishes and cold entrees to the party and then move on to another location. Great food and no big expenses.

Today’s LA truck menus frequently unite two or more cultural dining experiences, mixing Mexican, Korean, Jewish, Indian and even health food. The various flavors showcase the many cultures of LA, and the ingredients typically focus on the green, fresh and fabulous. LA food truck chefs have demonstrated their willingness to create novel dishes. Their creativity gives you the option of offering guests something unique and special. While many food trucks have set menus for catering, others will develop different menus based on the requirements of their clients. In addition, the top-rated LA food trucks specialize in wedding catering and do it well for a very reasonable price.