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Best Food Truck In LA

Top Food Truck Trends For 2016

Greenz On Wheelz pride themselves on sourcing the best ingredients so that they can design creative menus that keep customers coming back for more. In order to stay popular, food trucks like us must ensure that menus are changed on a regular basis to suit the demands of the latest trends around the world.

Top Food Trends for 2016

Here is a rundown of the top food trends that are predicted to be BIG in 2016:

  1. Locally sourced meat and fish
  2. Local produce
  3. Healthy kids meals
  4. hyper-local food sourcing
  5. Sustainable fish and seafood
  6. Artisan ice cream
  7. Non-processed food
  8. Spices
  9. Ethnic cuisine
  10. New cuts of meat

Food Tuck Trends

With the ability to set up a food truck for a relatively low start up cost and the low overheads, food trucks can change their menus pretty quickly and you will often find new food on the menu each day. Using a list like the above food trends can help keep food truck catering fresh and exciting, so people do not always have to go to a restaurant.

With this is mind, LA food truck vendors will want to ensure that at least some of the trends in this list make their food truck. In the past, people may have got the impression that eating at a food truck meant compromising on the quality of food, especially as food truck catering is so cheap. This, however, is not the case as vendors are increasingly aware of what food lovers want and there is a huge focus on the quality of food while still being able to charge reasonable prices.

Here at Greenz on Wheelz we certainly look to use as little processed food as possible and are very keen to explore different varieties of meat. Supporting other small businesses and food suppliers is something that every independent business should strive for, so wherever possible our ingredients are bought locally and ethically. We definitely like the look of some of these food trends that are set to make it big in 2016 and we are keen to see how LA food truck vendors respond to these trends.