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Top Wedding Catering Trends 2016

From early risers wanting morning weddings to seasonal produce and , wedding catering in 2016 is all about being comfortable and kicking back rather than holding a traditional do.


Daytime weddings tend to be cheaper than nighttime menus when it comes to food and Los Angeles catering has an abundance of great breakfast and brunch chefs if you want to take advantage of the trend to eat early. The thing with the brunch trend is that it is not necessarily tied to the daytime, if you really wanted to Greenz On Wheelz could serve omelettes and pancakes as a midnight feast!


The trend for locals, fresh, and organic food carries through into 2016 and you can rest assured that Greenz on Wheelz has a wide selection of healthy salads that are prepared on the day. Food truck catering is no longer about greasy burgers and quick fixes, your can have a food truck for a wedding without worrying about putting your guests off.

Comfort and Joy

Ditch the formality and look to hold a relaxed wedding with the best food truck in LA. This year is all about guests letting their hair down and the bride and groom showcasing their preferences through the food served up.

Celebrate Home

Local produce sourced from places nearby is another top trend as brides and grooms look to support the local economy. Think local breweries serving up a tailor-made ale just for you or a visit from your favorite Los Angeles catering truck, Greenz on Wheelz.

Snack attack

Snacks are the in thing at the moment and you can rely on Greenz on Wheelz to prepare lots of tasty midnight treats for you and your guests. With a food truck wedding, you can arrange for specific times for food to be served or you can allow guests to help themselves whenever they feel like.

Whatever you fancy for your big day you can be sure that when hiring a reliable food truck like Greenz on Wheelz you can have anything that you want when it comes to the top trends of 2016.