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Food Truck Catering

Treat Your Staff To Lunch With Food Truck Catering

If morale is lowing the office and you fancy doing something different for your team, you can hire Greenz on Wheelz to provide food truck catering.

Let food truck catering come to you

Something as smile as a free lunchtime salad or good coffee on tap can make or break a person’s attitude towards work. It is the small things like this that can make employees feel valued as generally a company that thinks of the little things will often be very good at keeping their staff satisfied in all areas. Breaking away from a traditional canteen setting or ‘make your own’ kitchen area and making way for a food truck catering lunch will give you extra brownie points from your employee.

Greenz on Wheelz Food Truck Catering

The best food truck catering, Greenz on Wheelz,  is one of the most sought afterfood truck catering bookings in the city, with innovative chefs and vendors looking to bring a diverse range of food to the masses. You may not have the budget to put on special food for your workforce every day, but paydays, special business anniversaries or a good month of sales are all good reasons for offering your employees something special.

Food truck catering menu

We offer a variety of dishes on our food truck catering menu including:

The famous Greenz on Wheelz veggie melt

Greenz on Wheelz steak salad

Greek salad

Classic cheese melt

BBQ chicken salad

We can create a bespoke menu just for you and if you have a particular theme in the office then we can work to build it into our menu. If there are any particular dietary requirements we can look to tweak our dishes to accommodate them.

To find out about our food truck catering packages that your employees will love, give us a call today and you can soon have a smile on all of your employees faces.