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Mobile Salad Truck

Your Wedding Guests Will Greenz On Wheelz’s Mobile Salad Truck

A Food truck wedding is the top choice for many couples in Los Angeles of late as cool beaus look to hold a wedding with a difference. Gone are the days when eating street food was frowned upon as the hipsters of the world have elevated this food trend. With a mobile salad truck you can rid yourself of the stigma of eating unhealthy junk food as street food has come a long way from the greasy fried chicken and burger days.

Have a Mobile Salad Truck in Your Neighborhood

Take a stroll around any neighborhood in LA and you can taste some of the freshest flavors you are likely taste and consume food from all cultures. With such innovative food at hand, it is easy to see why people would want to host visit food trucks and hire them for community events. With a mobile salad truck you can hire Greenz on Wheelz for a community event that promotes healthy eating or for lifestyle promotions.

A Mobile Salad Truck is a Cheap Catering Option

Now, while street food maybe a lot cheaper than restaurant food, the quality is just as good if not better. So, if you want to save money a food truck catering wedding is a great alternative to a standard buffet for couples that are on a budget.

Greenz on Wheelz Mobile Salad Truck and more

Greenz on Wheelz can serve your guests high-quality food at any point during your wedding, whether it is first thing before the ceremony or at midnight when they are feeling a bit tipsy. If you would prefer that we serve up more substantial dishes of an evening, we can stick to salads in the day and serve our famous grilled cheese of an evening as an extra treat.

You can create bespoke menus that you know your wedding guests ill love or we can simply bring our most popular street food dishes. Whatever crazy thoughts that you have in your head, call us today and we can help you bring them to fruition.