Why LA Is the Nation’s Leading Food Truck City

Modern-day food trucks appeared in Los Angeles more than a decade ago, serving fabulous cuisine to people on the street and giving young chefs a new way to display their creativity. The food trucks immediately attracted thousands of hungry fans that loved seeing the transformation of the so-called “roach coach” into a quality mobile restaurant complete with exciting new flavors and food combinations.

Today food trucks are found in most metropolitan areas and even in suburbs and rural areas. But with 6,000-plus food trucks on the streets, LA remains the nation’s leading city for winning food-truck cuisine. Here’s why:


  • The Daily Meal, a well-read website that covers food and dining, recently listed the 101 top food trucks in the country, and 16 of them were based in Los Angeles. The Daily Meal surveyed food trucks in 33 cities in order to compile the list.
  • The nation’s first celebrity food truck chef was Roy Choi, who rolled out LA’s Kogi truck.
  • Everyone knows that food truck operators are tough, creative and competitive. Nowhere was that better demonstrated than on the initial season of the Food Network’s “Great American Food Truck Race.” The final two contestants were both from Los Angeles, with Grill ‘Em All’s truck winning the race over Nom Nom.
  • The season four of the “Great American Food Truck Race,” two competitors from Los Angeles – Aloha Plate, which also does business in Hawaii, and Bowled and Beautiful – are competing for the grand prize of a new food truck.
  • LA is a great place for a food truck business. In addition to street foods, the trucks are in big demand for catering opportunities, including movie sets, charity galas, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, wedding receptions, events at the bride’s house, rehearsal dinners and bridesmaids’ luncheons.
  • In a major city like Los Angeles, food trucks are a blessing for hungry citizens who live and work in high-density areas with limited food resources.
  • The city’s health department takes food trucks as seriously as it does restaurants. It enforces strict standards for cleanliness and health so food truck diners can enjoy great meals without worrying about the safety of their foods.

The next time you need sandwiches or salads on wheels or to cater a celebration, movie production, bachelor or bachelorette party or special birthday, call on this food truck trio. All three have helped make LA a food truck paradise:

  • Greenz on Wheelz specializes in fresh, healthy sandwiches and salads on wheels. Buzz 855-6Greenz.
  • The Hungry Nomad prepares California favorites with a hint of American, Mediterranean and European cuisine. Phone 877-NOMAD-10.
  • Hang 10 Tacos creates tasty tacos from fish, steak, shrimp, BBQ and pork. The big blue truck caters events large and small. Dial 855-5-Hang-10.

Each of these veteran food truck teams can create an exclusive menu to delight you and your guests.