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Your Favorite Food Truck Can Help Raise Money For Your Local School

Many public schools are turning to local food trucks to help raise funds for extra expenses, and food truck operators are often willing to participate in school fund-raising events by serving attendees at athletic and after-school events.

It’s a simple arrangement. The food trucks provide the food and service, while the school generates a large crowd at a school-sponsored event. In order to have a successful event, the school must promote the fund-raising effort, whether it’s a weekly food truck court in the school parking lot or a one-time event at a school carnival.

By donating 10% of their sales, minus tax, food truck operators can help their local schools about raise $50 per night. While that may not seem like a lot, the funds can quickly add up based on the number of times the school allows food trucks to serve at sporting events, school fairs or band performances. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved and requires almost no effort on the part of the school or the parent organization.

Parents and students get the word out by telling friends and family members, passing out flyers, sending a news release to the local newspaper and radio station and tacking up posters near the school. Of course, they also use the traditional food truck form of communication – Twitter and Facebook – to let everyone know when and where the fundraiser is scheduled.

An easy way for schools to generate extra money is by scheduling a weekly food court in the school parking lot. At least a dozen Southern California schools are already doing this on a regular basis. Some have invited as many as 10 food trucks to gather at the school around dinnertime. Thanks to pre-event advertising, parents, teachers and passers-by stop at the parking lot for a quick snack or to purchase take-home meals.

Our trio of professional food trucks supports the communities where we do business. When you have plans for a big event, give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you raise funds for your school or non-profit organization. Our trucks are: 

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  • The Hungry Nomad, serving to-die-for sandwiches and on the street and guests at catered events and weddings. Call 877-Nomad-10
  • Hang 10 Tacos, famous for the best tacos in Orange County, served fresh by food truck professionals. Other menu options include traditional carne asada and even a vegetarian dishes. Call 855-5-Hang-10