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Your Neighborhood LA Food Truck Goes To All the Best Weddings

Everyone knows that the typical LA food truck serves great food on the street while giving those fast-food drive-thru windows and quick-serve restaurants a run for their money. And almost everyone has eaten at a food truck at some time.

Food truck cuisine has been lauded as “the new answer to American fast food,” and metropolitan areas with a wide selection of the motorized restaurants are lucky indeed. Food truck chefs are creative people. Unlike many restaurant chefs, who have a huge investment in a bricks-and-mortar establishment and are less likely to experiment with their menus, a food truck operator is free to take chances, try new dishes, adapt new ingredients and change up the offerings the very next day if an entrée experiment is not a rousing success. Fortunately, many of the food trucks in the LA area have created tremendous menus that are big on taste and absent of the ordinary.

Today, food truck operators do much more than just serve hungry people on city streets. In fact, many top food trucks are masters of food truck wedding catering, and they do it at a great per-guest charge when you compare it to the typical costs of using a traditional catering operation.

Food truck wedding receptions have become trendy events. As today’s brides choose brightly colored wedding gowns, pies or ice cream sundaes instead of wedding cakes and unique wedding venues, they also seek new ways to feed their guests and ensure that their nuptials are exceptional and memorable. A delicious menu prepared by a daring chef in a food truck is one way to do that.

There are more food trucks in LA than any other U.S. city, giving lucky LA residents many options when planning a food truck wedding. To find the perfect food truck to make your reception ideal, you may want to hire your neighborhood favorite or choose to visit some food truck fairs and sample the various offerings. When it comes to food truck catering, there are plenty of food truck options available, and shopping for the right one can be a tasty adventure.